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Pebetsi Matlaila On Almost Losing Her Life While Giving Birth

Pebetsi Matlaila On Almost Losing Her Life While Giving Birth. Childbirth can go one of two ways, where either you have an easy delivery or a challenging one that puts both you and the baby at risk. Skeem Saam actress Pebetsi Matlaila has shared that the birth of baby Q last year was a challenging one and they are lucky to be alive however, she hadn’t gotten into detail as to what had happened.

The mother of two is now ready to open about the birth of her miracle baby Qhawekazi who is about to turn ten months old real soon. Pebetsi took to Instagram to share the challenging birth of her baby where she in actual fact died for a few minutes. The actress revealed that she drove herself to the hospital after experiencing minor labour pains. After being admitted into the maternity ward, tests showed that her blood pressure was alarmingly high and may cause fatality of either the mother or the child.

While waiting for her obstetrician, Matlaila was told that she had to be medically induced immediately and give birth because the baby was in distress.

They say the birth of a child changes your life… Well the Birth of my last born child QHAWEKAZI was the rebirth of me.Today marks the end of her 9 month , starting double digits tomorrow. Now that I have taken enough time to take stock , collect info and data of what transpired on that day , I can share my Testimony . Most may know of my near death experience when delivering baby Q (I never shy away from sharing to whoever willing to listen , about the precious Mercy of God and devine intervention on that day ) How I drove myself to the hospital , experiencing minor labour pains, got admitted into to he marternity ward , got settled and checked , only to be told after check up that my blood pressure was extremely high and may cause fatality between me and the unborn child. That time I was cool and calm as a cucumber. While waiting on my Obstetrician , I was informed that the baby was in distress and we needed to go into theater immediately
” she wrote.

During the procedure, Pebetsi alerted the nurse that she was having difficulty breathing and then she passed out immediately. A while, after she woke up to the sound of her crying baby not knowing the drama that had just transpired. The actress woke up with breathing pipes pushed down her throat and the doctors were in a frenzy. According to the doctor, she had died for three minutes and her daughter was born blue with no oxygen in her brain.

Matlaila was resuscitated after having fits that caused her heart and lungs to collapse. the actress almost bit off her tongue during the epileptic attack caused by high blood pressure. The mother and child then spent a month in ICU getting frequent tests until they were strong enough to go home. The proud mom reckons her story is a one in million story and her bundle of joy is a true miracle.

All i remember was using the little strength i had left , grabbed the hem of a nurses scrub and mimed the words ” I CANT BREATH “———— LIGHTS OUT. I woke up to the sound of my baby crying and I thought , well that was quick. To My Surprise , the Doctors and Nurses around me where frantic and checking me , pipes where pushed into my mouth ,drips plaved and my Dr uttering the words ,”NOLO WE NEARLY LOST U “.
I am told my heart and lungs collapsed , after I had fits (where i almost bit off my tongue) due to the High -Blood pressure ( Pre-eclampsia) . Apparently I was dead for 3 minutes but resuscitated with those electric square things a. My daughter was apparently born blue with no oxygen in her brain.
The above pictures are recordings of our recovery .We spent a month in hospital in ICU. Baby Q was undergoing various tests to her brain , draining liquids out of her lungs and on multiple drips ,while I was on oxygen masks , multiple medications and most embarrassing a catheter ,because I couldnt walk to the toilet for a couple of days.
To this day , Doctors still reiterate that our story in 1 in a million. A TRUE MIRACLE”
she wrote.

Friends and followers commented on the touching post, praising her for showing immense strength, sharing how blessed she and her little one are to have come out alive in the end.

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