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Gomora Actor Peter Mashigo Survives Nearly Fatal Car Accident

Gomora Actor Peter Mashigo Survives Nearly Fatal Car Accident. It was reported that veteran actor Peter Mashigo is lucky to be alive after merely escaping death recently.

According to Sunday World the actor allegedly was involved in a car accident whilst on his way to Benoni from Pretoria and he was said to be traveling with a group of friends.

Unfortunately he was the driver who lost control of the vehicle and crashed head-on with another. Out of the three other passengers, he was apparently the only one who got seriously injured and was rushed to Sunshine private hospital.

Apparently Mashigo has been absent on the set of The Queen for weeks now since the accident, and producers are still faced with the task of how to bring him back to the show with regards to all his injuries sustained.

By Sinakho Mandla

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