Zenande Mfenyana Reveals Which “Annoying” Song She Won’t Be Introducing Her Daughter To

Zenande Mfenyana Reveals Which "Annoying" Song She Won't Be Introducing Her Daughter To

Actress Zenande Mfenyana is enjoying being a mother to her little ballerina but she seems to be over the craze of one of most famous songs that all children, toddlers  and strangely adults have become obsessed with, even going as far as swearing off ever introducing her daughter to it.

Taking to twitter, Mfenyana shared her annoyance like many of us with the famous Baby Shark song  claiming that her daughter is not going to ever catch on to the phenomenon as long as she has a say. Making an example of how much the song kills her vibe, she doesn’t want anyone who even gets into contact with her daughter to sing the song.

One of the songs I’m not introducing my daughter to is “Baby shark” that song is annoying. She doesn’t ever have to know about it. Her swimming instructor started singing it when I took her for her floatation and I said “no ma’am, pick another song please” she wrote.


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