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Tumisho Masha Fires Back At Boity’s Claims That The Bible Is Patriarchal

Tumisho Masha Fires Back At Boity’s Claims That The Bible Is Patriarchal. Rapper and reality star Boity started a very intense debate about the principal of the bible which may have made her unpopular to many including former Isidingo actor, Tumisho Masha.

After Boity‘s twitter thread about how she doesn’t believing in the bible because it’s bias to women went viral, Tumisho Masha fired back with multiple receipts of how this in fact isn’t true and how the rapper is hypocritical to some degree.

Masha responded to Boity claiming the the bible is the “epitome of patriarchy” by urging that the rapper needs to re-do her homework properly this time.

“Perhaps you should read it more thoroughly. Starting with Eve, Sarah, Esther, The Queen of Sheba, Ruth, Deborah, Mary mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, the Samaritan woman at the well and many more that are mentioned. But quoting one or two scriptures out of context is misleading” Tumisho wrote.

The former Top Billing presenter made a very relevant example of how it would be ignorant to say all sangoma’s (of which Boity is a sangoma herself) are murder’s who practice rogue magic, and painting a group of people with one brush is simply unfair.

In closing, ignorance would say that ALL people who practice African traditional healing engage in muthi murder&magic but we know that is simply not true. Even though there are charlatans who engage in the practice we surely cannot paint ALL African healers with the same brush” Masha wrote.

Tumisho dropped the mic one last time by posting another example of how Boity is very misleading with her claims, when she posted a picture accompanied by the praying hand’s emoji which makes one rather sceptical .

“Mabane (yesterday) God was patriarchal today we offering up prayers and giving Him an Amen”, he said to the rapper with laughing emojis. Tumisho said.


By Sinakho Mandla

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