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Mpoomy Ledwaba And Brenden Praise Frustrated After Their Vehicle Was Targeted By Criminals

Mpoomy Ledwaba And Brenden Praise Frustrated After Their Vehicle Was Targeted By Criminals. Crime has no specific targets when it strikes and the painful truth is that no matter who you are, it could be you in the line of fire. Many celebrities have been targeted for their pricy valuable possession’s at their homes or in their vehicles, which was the sad case for YouTuber and musician Brenden Praise and his wife Mpoomy.

Taking to twitter, Brenden shared his frustration of being targeted by car thieves in Sandton, while he was on a coffee date with his daughter Nuri. Praise’s MacBook unfortunately was stolen out of his car in the affluent neighbourhood which contained his entire album and a lot of Mpoomy’s YouTube and podcast work. The singer shared how disappointed he is by the situation and cautioned his followers to never make the mistake of leaving valuables in their cars.

“My Macbook just got stolen out my car in Sandton, while I was having a coffee date with my Daughter, my Entire Album, and a lot of Mpoomy’s work Gone, Just like that, actually a little depressed right now, anyways stay safe guys and DONT leave Valuables in the car ever” he wrote.

A heartbroken Mpoomy also commented on the situation sharing that her fans will unfortunately forfeit an upcoming episode of her Podcast Wellness And Wisdom Podcast which saw Rachel Kolisi as the latest guest. Followers showered the couple with comforting messages and also shared their sad encounters with car thieves.

“Unfortunately this means that there’s no podcast” she wrote.

Mpoomy also shared her frustration over the South African Police Service for not responding on time to their calls, which is something that celebrities constantly complain about when sharing their experiences with the public protection service after a criminal offence on social media.

This comes after the couple recently celebrated four years of marriage in a beautiful traditional ceremony with friends and family. Brenden took charge of the planning and Mpoomy who was beyond emotional about the ceremony couldn’t stop gushing about how dreamy the celebration was.


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