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Ex Teargas Member Ntukza Reveals Why He’s Not A Part Of Cash Time Life!

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A lot of you have probably been wondering what happened to Teargas and why isn’t Ntukza part of the new group right?

Well ex-Teargas member Ntukza reveals that he didn’t know about Cash Time Life until he saw it being launched on Twitter. Ouch!

The musician reveals that K.O and Ma-E didn’t communicate about their new business venture with him before they decided to start Cash Time, he simply found out about it through social media.

“Cash Time was launched in 2007 without my knowledge, by K.O and Ma-E. This was a year after Teargas’ successful first year in the industry.” he told Sowetan.

Ntukza also said that besides all the secrecy from K.O an Ma-E he decided to stay and continue working with his team until he left last year to focus on his solo career.

“I decided to pull out when I saw the name was changed to Cash Time Life last year.”He said he only found out via Twitter that the Cash Time company had transformed into Cash Time Life.

“If you listen to music they’ve put out since ‘Life’ was added you’ll hear that I’m not featured in any of their tracks. I think the guys decided on starting the company without my knowledge because I had been receiving a fixed salary as a lecturer, so maybe they thought they should also get income elsewhere.”

At the time, Ntukza was making a little extra money from lecturing Graphic Design and Print Making at  Ekurhuleni East College.

Even though we all know that things will never be the same, Ntukza reveals that there’s no bad blood between himself and the members of Cash Time.

“There’s no beef, even though we don’t really communicate much. The business relationship is just not there, but we’re cool. I don’t know if Teargas will release another album again. We’ll see, but I hope so,” said Ntukza.

The sad part about this whole thing is that it’s affected his relationship with his biological brother Ma-E. When asked about their relationship, Ntukza said: “It’s been a long time since I saw and spoke to him.”

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