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Somizi Takes A Minute To Appreciate Bonang: “I’m much older than you, but you inspire me so much.”

bonang and somizi

If you didn’t know that Bonang and Somizi are best friends, then where in South Africa do you live? Please do tell us.

Somizi sent Bonang the most beautiful birthday message last night when he was being interviewed by V-Entertainment. Their friendship is a clear example that you don’t always need an older mentor but someone that’s younger than you can inspire you just as much.

The Idols SA judge has never been one to hide how proud he is of Queen B and all of her achievements.

“Bonang, you’re 28 and I’m much older than you, but you inspire me so much. Your drive, your hustle, you are such an amazing person. Your hunger… stay hungry my baby, you will never go hungry. Love you.”

As we all know, every friendship has it’s ups and downs and we all have habits that aren’t too acceptable. Somizi opened up about the one small thing that drives him crazy about Queen B: “One habit that drives me crazy about Bonang is that she’s always on time, even when it’s not work-related… It’s a good habit but it’s bad sometimes, too punctual.”

The two have shared so many precious and timeless moments together and what’s better than traveling half the world with your best friend? His most memorable moment with Bonang their trip together to Nigeria on New Year’s Eve. “When we decided on the spot that we don’t wanna be in Joburg, let’s go to Nigeria on the 31st. We flew, arrived at 10pm, we had a blast and came back a week later.”

Aren’t they the cutest?

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