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Black Twitter Reacts To Khanyi Mbau’s First Appearance As Zandile On #TheWifeShowmax

Black Twitter Reacts To Khanyi Mbau‘s First Appearance As Zandile On #TheWifeShowmax. Khanyi Mbau is a multitalented woman and excels at whatever she does. Be it reality TV, acting, singing, dancing or what have you, Mbau is the girl that you want on the job. When it comes to acting, Khanyi has shown how diverse her talents are and she has out done herself with her latest role.

Khanyi Mbau has landed the biggest role of her career and has joined the record-breaking Showmax Original telenovela, The Wife, playing the lead role of Zandile who is the wife of Nkosana ( Mondli Makhoba), the eldest of the Zulu brothers’.  

Fans of the show didn’t seem too happy about the news and sharing they wished the role of Zandile was given to another new and equally talented actress. Khanyi stans were of course excitement about the actress landing the role and had a lot of faith that the actress would deliver on the role and that she did. Mbau recently made her first appearance on the show, assuming her new role and the people are sold.

Mbau delivered a mind blowing performance that has left the masses in a frenzy on twitter. Fans of the show have been singing Mbau praises and have been expressing how fitting she is for the role.

Checkout the reactions from twitter below!!

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