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Watch! Kelly Khumalo Speaks On How GBV Victims Should Address Abuse From A Partner

Watch! Kelly Khumalo Speaks On How GBV Victims Should Address Abuse From A Partner. Our favourite voice of Africa queen Kelly Khumalo is back with another video to share her two sense on what has been going on in our society lately. The matter of GBV was recently highlighted by activist Enhle Mbali, who revealed the numerous times she was subjected to abuse by her now estranged husband Nkosinathi “Black Coffee” Maphumulo aside from many other victims who have told their story on social media.

Seeing that gender based violence can be considered as a pandemic due to Mzansi having one of the highest femicide rates in the world, the musician and reality star is using her influence to share a little light on when and how one who is faced with the same situation should handle it.

Taking to her IG, Kelly gave us a show with her thick Russian accent addressing how victims of GBV should conduct the situation even if they are still in love and want to continue being with their partner. According to Khumalo who is a GBV survivor herself is that people don’t want to involve people in their relationship when everything is going well and advice them to mind their own business.

However, when the situation turns sour, the very same people who were told to mind their own business are expected to stand up and act on the victims behalf. The Empini hitmaker continued to pose the question of when is it okay to let everybody know what has been happening to you.

According to the award winning songstress, one shouldn’t be afraid to speak up and share their problems whilst they are in the relationship so they can receive help from loved ones as well as professionally to ensure that things don’t escalate to the point of no return.

“I’m saying you are speaking out even if you are still wanting him and you are wanting relationship, speak out, go for counseling, do something while still in a relationship but don’t speak out when you are not wanting him anymore” she said.

Kelly fans were entertained by the musicians ability to master her Russian character so well, but also appreciated the pearls of wisdom that she just dropped for her followers claiming that her advice could help someone on her feed who is faced with the same ordeal.

What’s your take on what Kelly just said?

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