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Proverb Opens Up About How He Found Out About His Ex Wife’s Extra Marital Affair

Proverb Opens Up About How He Found Out About His Ex Wife’s Extra Marital Affair. It’s hard to except the truth even though it right in front of you, and that was the case for Proverb after finally receiving confirmation on his ex wife Onalerona Moreo’s philandering ways.

In his memoir, Proverb looked back on a horrible day in 2015 that he would never forget, when a journalist called him to confirm that his then wife was having an affair with an affluent businessman nd even went on a trip to Dubai with him.

According to the rapper he had been ignoring signs of her infidelity even though they had already drifted part. Proverb detailed the gut wrentching cll from the journalist who called him when he was in the kitchen making lunch.

Ater the call, Proverb confronted Moreo about the affair whilst she was seated in the next room, and although she blatently denied the affiair, her body language confirmed that it was indeed true.

“I asked her for the truth, initially she denied everything but her body language confirmed that the rumour was true before her words did” the book reads.

Proverb was married for a decade after he and Moreo got divorced and for a while he was disappointed in that fact that his ideal dream of a family environment was over but he knew deep down that it was for between him and his now former wife.

By Sinakho Mandla

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