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Is Papa Penny Penny Sho Majozi’s Father?

Is Papa Penny Penny Sho Majozi’s Father?! After the singer and reality star revealed that he had had a child with a white woman, fans assumed it was the Tsonga princess Sho Majozi. But not so fast, Sho says.

The actress and singer has set the record straight on rumors that her daddy is Papa Penny. “He calls me to check up on me sometimes. After he started visiting me people started saying that he was my dad,” Sho Majozi said.

She went on to reveal that whilst she’s mixed, it’s her mother who is black and a white father.

“Everyone knows that I am mixed but my dad is white, not the other way around. So now that everyone heard that Papa Penny had a mixed baby, they were like: ‘it’s Sho Majozi!’ Papa Penny is not my father,” she said.

The young rapper still has great respect for Papa Penny and a collaboration might happen with the two Tsonga stars.

“I think it could definitely happen. I think the only thing that is stopping us is time and our schedules. He has the moves. That guy is a legend. Everyone in that area knows him and now everyone knows Sho Majozi,” she said.

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