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Lootlove Apologizes After Receiving Backlash For Calling A Tweep ‘Not Worthy’ To Have Kids

Lootlove Apologizes After Receiving Backlash For Calling A Tweep ‘Not Worthy’ To Have Kids! Whether you believe our generation is a bit sensitive or people should be held accountable for things they put out, what we know is a twar between a celeb and a tweep never ends well.

Lootlove landed herself in hot water on twitter this Friday morning. What started off as the media personality expressing her feelings ended up being something seen as offensive. The mom of two tweeted how she finds it awkward when people tell her they’ll visit her house to see the kids when they had never been invited before.

A lot of twitter users felt Lootlove was taking it too seriously as this is what people normally say in conversation upon running into someone and not actually mean they want to visit one’s house. One tweep took it further and accused the mom of two for acting like she’s the first to have twins. That’s when things went south.

“May not be the first or last but defs one of the happiest. It’s the greatest gift to be honest. you’d get it if but then again you weren’t worthy of carrying so I get why you mad,” Lootlove responded.

Black twitter was not pleased with Lootlove’s choice of words, calling someone “unworthy” of having kids. After a couple of tweets calling her out, the media personality finally apologized and deleted the tweets but you know we got you. Lootlove said that she thought she was responding to a man.

“So, I completely understand what you guys are saying and where you’re coming from. I see the issue with the word “worthy”. I do apologize for that. I wasn’t trying to be nice in my response so I hit below the belt but I fully understand how wreckless it was,” Lootlove tweeted.

All forgiven then?!

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