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Lerato Kganyago On Why She Isn’t As Close With DJ Zinhle Anymore

Lerato Kganyago On Why She Isn’t As Close With DJ Zinhle Anymore. DJ Zinhle and Lerato Kganyago were once upon a time bff’s however their friendship quickly fizzled out of thin air. Lerato who was a recent guest on MacG’s podcast finally spilt the tea on her relationship with Zinhle and why we hardly ever see them together anymore. The conversation came about when MacG asked Lerato if she purposefully didn’t invite Zinhle to her wedding and Kganyago cleared the air about their entire friendship.

Kganyago revealed that she saw a clip of Zinhle‘s recent interview with Toke Makinwa¬†claiming she had no knowledge of her marriage and was also not invited to the wedding. In March 2020 LKG tied the knot to her now husband of one year and a few month Thami Ndlala in a private wedding ceremony. Kganyago invited a few celebrities including Dineo Ranaka, Somizi, Mohale and more.

Lerato responded saying Zinhle’s response in the interview left a bad taste in her mouth because she loves her like a sister. The businesswoman claims to be disappointed in Zinhle for sharing half truths about her getting an invite to the ceremony. Lerato revealed that she was not on the best terms with Zinhle’s other crew so the Era business owner was the only one who received an invite.

“Just because my relationship with the others was a bit offish, she was the only one I invited because she’s my girl and I’m loyal to her. I’ve always been loyal to her” she said.

The Metro FM radio host described her friendship with Zinhle and the other girls like a sibling relationship with many up’s and down’s. According to Lerato the girls were all going through a weird phase collectively which she admits to have not expressed at the time. Distancing herself is one of Lerato’s major personality traits which she claims to have done when she heard circulating rumours about her.

“When something is bothering me, I move away and literally ghost everyone. I’m a lone ranger so there’s things I should have addressed at that time to get maybe clarification because I ran with those things as the truth which I shouldn’t have then I removed myself from everything else.” she said.

Lerato added that the ceremony was intentionally private because of the media and she DM’d Zinhle about coming to the “lunch”. She is aware that a DM was very informal but in her defence she was answering something on Instagram.

“I didn’t go into detail of what I was doing with everyone, i just said I’m having a lunch please come through and she didn’t reply so I took it as she’s not coming” she said.

In the end, Lerato claims to have a lot of respect and loyalty for Zinhle and was heartbroken that she even answered the question. This is a set back for their relationship considering they are trying to be in a better place as friends. Back in 2019, Lerato Kganyago was accused of forcing her her friendship with Dj Zinhle, and critics labelled the friendship as one sided. LKG then clapped back at tweeps, revealing that her friendship with Zinhle spans over a decade as they have both been working in the same field. 

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