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Did Bonang Matheba Reveal The Next Person She Is About To Drag In Court?

Did Bonang Matheba Reveal The Next Person She Is About To Drag In Court? Media personality Bonang Matheba is cleaning up the streets and is taking her respect back. B made the headlines a few times last year following her R500K deformations lawsuit against YouTuber Rea Gopane and her fallout with her former agency CSA Global.

The award-winning TV personality and reality star recently got a taste of success after winning her case against Gopane and cashing in on R300K. Bonang is now soldering on and is ready to take on the next lawsuit which may be against executive director of CSA Global Davin Phillips.

Last year, Bonang revealed in her twitter Space that she has terminated her contract with the management company, and urged those who wanted to do business with her to contact her directly. She also revealed that her lawyers were looking into the matter of investigating the possibility of criminal conduct by the company.

“I put my trust in them and gave them stewardship over brand Bonang to build and support it across all mediums including entertainment, fashion and entrepreneurship. Today I announce that I’ve terminated that contract with them and they no longer represent me or any of my business ventures.”

“Furthermore, I have instructed my lawyers to investigate the possibility of criminal conduct by the company and its representatives. I will revert over the next few days with an update so that others can be aware of what I consider as their very unsavoury behaviour” she said.

CSA Global responded saying Bonang was in breach of her contracts with clients for neglecting her duties to the brands including her very own. The company claimed they had already sent Bonang’s team legal letters and were awaiting their response.

Well, it looks like the battle is about to begin after B cautioned Phillips to buckle up for what we assume is going to be a bumpy ride. These are the same subtle yet shady tweets that the reality star dropped on Rea right before cleaning him out in court, and we can only assume that the same fate awaits her former manager Davin Phillips.


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