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Clement Maosa Thanks His Grandmother For Putting Him Through University

Clement Maosa Thanks His Grandmother For Putting Him Through University! After the passing of Clement Maosa’s parents, his grandmother took on the role of being a care giver for him and his siblings, and the now successful actor and law graduate is thanking his granny for all that she’s done.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Clement Maosa expressed that his grandmother was the hero that raised him and his siblings as her own after his parents passed on and with her unconditional love, he has managed to achieve great things in his life.

When my parents left this world, my grandmother took my siblings and I in and with nothing but UNCONDITIONAL LOVE we survived. I even graduated Bachelor of laws at university of Limpopo because nothing could stop a willing and resilient spirit” Clement wrote.

He further explained that this post serves to inspire many other people who have grown up in similar situations and also to remind them to always appreciate their grandparents who have come through for them in the most important way possible.

“This is just to inspire an African child to never give up but also to appreciate our grandparents/parents who sacrifice a lot for us to get educated and have a brighter future

In closing, Maosa shared that he is the confident and successful man today because he changed the cycle by defying the odds and he will always remember his humble beginnings even when he reaches greater success.

I now know no impossibility because I broke down so many barriers and defied the odds. I know and appreciate who I am and where I come from because where I’m going is inspired by where I am from” the actor wrote.

By Sinakho Mandla

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