AKA Gives Ladies Advice On How To Spice Things Up…

All Eyez On Him. AKA of course, now he’s giving the ladies advice on Instagram well after his holiday to Mauritius with the lovely Zinhle you’d hope that he knows a little something something about what it takes to be like him.

Yes you can buy your man every item of clothing that AKA has but to get him one step closer to being mister worldwide himself why not get him to smell like AKA.

AKA took to Instagram his 3 favourite scents, the kind of scent that would get you hooked onto the way your way smells.

Check out AKA’s advice on how to spice things up.

Mr Doro Himself…


AKA’s Scents…


“Ladies … If you want your man to smell like me … This is what you should be looking for. (Polo Black) (YSL- L’HOMME -Parfum Intense) (YSL – La Nuit De L’Homme)

There you have it ladies the top 3 ways to have your man smelling like AKA and spice things up in the kitchen. Hint Hint, V-day is around the corner.

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