WATCH: SA Police Officer Seen Looting Foreigner’s Shop In SOWETO

According to reports police say that 121 people have been arrested following the looting that has been happening in SOWETO over the past few days. It’s great to see that officers are doing their jobs.

Several shops in SOWETO owned by foreigners have been attacked by locals.

The unrest started on Monday night in Doornkop after a Somali businessman allegedly shot dead a 14-year-old suspected of trying to rob his store.

The Somalian’s premises were vandalised and since the violence has spread across the area.

The confusing and concerning part is that our police men are now joining in the looting of foreigners shops.
Caught on camera a police officer walks out the shop holding items that clearly don’t belong to him and some of the locals are actually amused by the fact that the officer has joined in the looting.

See Video Below

WATCH: SA Police Officer Seen Looting Foreigner’s Shop In SOWETO

How do you stop violence when the one’s who are meant to be stopping it are actually a part of the problem and not the solution?

Picture cred:Timeslive
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