10 South Africa Rappers That Got Killed On Their Own Song

It’s one thing to invite someone to do a collaboration with you and the collaboration does well it’s another thing when people ask whose song it is because the person you invited to feature did a better job on the song than you did.

Well the reason behind collaborations is to kill it right? We’ve compiled a list of 10 collaborations we though were really great but the featuring artist/s just killed it better than the initial “owner” of the song.

 All Eyez On Me – AKA Killed By Burna Boy and JR

Number one on the Hip Hop charts for me at the moment. Burna Boy killed it no lie, we may not know exactly what he says in the chorus of the song but ey the joint goes in because of him. By the way we’re not saying AKA underperformed here either but another awesome part of the song is JR’s verse man All Eyez On Me wouldn’t be the same without that “ha wa fasa” line by JR!

Izapha- Dotcom Killed By Cassper Nyovest

So apparently 2014 was Cassper Nyovest’s year, true he even went as far as killing it on someone else’s song (I actually thought that it’s Cassper’s song and Dotcom is the featured artist) uhm. Maftown homie held it down, DotCom did a swell job too, if only had a better stage name maybe we’d remember him. This goes down as one of the most underrated Hip Hop tracks of 2014.

Amantombazane Remix- Riky Rick Killed By Kid X, Kwesta

Riky Rick Boss Zonke unfortunately he invited all the kings of Hip Hop to be on one track big mistake homes. Kid X and Kwesta always come through on people’s songs and just kill ish man. “Too many girl not enough rappers too many girls” as simple as that line may be it’s a killer man.

Run Jozi- AKA Killed By K.O

K.O Mr CashTime I hope he’s making that cash man. We all know that he laid it down on AKA #factsonly.

Heaven- Da LES Killed By AKA and Maggz

Name a song where Da LES actually kills it? No jokes aside I mean he had so many chances to prove what great of a rapper he is and I mean he kind of fails each chance he gets. I guess the only time he actually performed properly was when he was still in Jozi maybe it’s because the group was whack either way. Ok back to Heaven Maggz held it down and AKA came through no doubt helped a brother out.

Bump The Cheese Up Remix- Reason Killed By AKA and OkMalumKoolKat

Bump the cheese up and that’s what these rappers are doing, getting their ish together and getting the rands in the bank. As random and not so up beat this song may be it certainly was a huge one AKA and OkMalumKool definitely out did themselves must say and of course TallAssMo pulled through for Reason.

Umuntu wam’- Psyfo Killed By Ifani

Thought Psyfo retired, no? Well introducing the most underrated South African rapper Ifani, thought Umuntu wam was actually his track in the first place. Ifani stays representing Xhosa’s in the game and he’s doing quite well. Psyfo homes, just try make it back on TV that’s where we love you most.

Bob Mabena-JR Killed By Spoek Mathambo

Spoek Mathambo we need to see more of this man not only on collaborations but also on his own stuff. Where you at? He really laid it down on us. Album maybe?

Hape Le Hape- Khuli Chana Killed By Reason

ReasonHD,the church of Reazus he took us to church for real.  “I mean the album’s doing just alright I just need a tall stack of dow like Maftown Heights.” Reason’s raising the bar of Hip Hop where do you stand?

We Rollin- L-Tido Killed By K.O

K.O once again that K.O should actually stand for Knock Out and not for Ntokozo, maybe it does, no? Great job mate.

Do you agree with our list? Yes? No? Maybe?

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