10 Things You Should Know About Prince Nyembe

Prince Nyembe is one of the most prominent young black entrepreneurs in South Africa who have found success in sectors such as entertainment , branding, publishing and mining. The businessmen recently did an interview on Start Up Mag where he shared in detail his entrepreneurial journey, what moves him and his biggest inspirations. Here is a list of 10 Things You Should Know About Prince Nyembe

1. Prince Nyembe is currently CEO of Tau Matla, exploration and commodity mining business based in South Africa but operating in various countries .

2. Prince was given his first break In 2006 by Professor Thami Mzawi who hired him at Mafube Publishing, the company with legendary publications  such as Enterprise magazine (the first black business magazine)  including The black business directory and the SAA Sauwboina.

3. In 2009 he moved to RMG results media group and worked on the Gary Player Golfer’s Guide, a publication owned and founded by Gary Player. He looked after three publications the Wits Business Journal, the PGA Golfers Guide and the International Design Magazine. 

4. He also worked for the SA Based Billionare Saki Macozoma  at Highbury Safika on exclusive publications such as , SA Cricket and the Southern Sun Equinox luxury Magazine.

5. He later founded Check Mate Media which had clients such as DC shoes, Sony, X Box, Beats by Dre, Conjure Cognac, Monster Energy, Skull Candy and Ace of Spades known as Armand De Brignac .

6. In 2015 he gave birth to a company called Beam Group (Beam the mind), it dominated the South African music industry for years as a force to be reckoned with, and something never to be seen again. In their first financial year they  made R15 Million  and our last financial quarter the company had grossed R26 Million.

7. On some of his biggest life lesson Prince cites “Learning that your vision is never always what others see” as his biggest life lesson

8. Prince cites his family and my kids as his biggest motivators

9. Some of businesses Prince owns are Blac Business Africa that Holds a number  of subsidiaries( Blac Digital ,Blac Media ,Blac Hire ), a crypto exchange platform called Pudi  with coders from India and Russia and  Thought Africa which was  founded with the vision to shape a new world by giving all of Africa’s children access to the greatest Thought Leaders

10. Locally he cites “Simon Mashabela, Lucia Nyembe, Andisa Ntsubane, Lebo Magwa, Hugo Cuter, King Toni Mphephu Ramabulana, Mike Teke, Sipho Nkhosi, Selim Kaymak, Derick Abrahams and Mzi Khumalo “ as his inspirations.

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