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YouTuber Rea Gopane Responds To Bonang Matheba’s “Good Luck” Tweet

YouTuber Rea Gopane Responds To Bonang Matheba‘s “Good Luck” Tweet. The plot is thickening in the Bonang and Rea Gopane saga after B let be known that she has not forgotten. The TV Personality took to twitter recently to wish the YouTuber good luck because the courts are open. Matheba stated that she is ready to rock which can only mean that she is moving ahead with her lawsuit.

The YouTuber landed himself in Queen B’s bad books last year after he claimed that she introduced her ex-boyfriend, rapper AKA, to cocaine in one of his episodes. Bonang then served Gopane with a 500K defamatory lawsuit, and a letter of demand instructing him to retract his statements and issue an apology across all social media platforms.

Rea did as he was instructed and released a video publicly apologizing to Bonang and for the defamatory allegations he made about her on the podcast. Gopane then added fuel to the fire by further trash-talking Bonang for taking action through her lawyer’s, claiming Matheba has even gone as far as sending the police to serve him with court summons at his home

Gopane claimed that Bonang will not be getting a single penny from him and should rather focus on securing her bag and the company that doesn’t belong to her. Rea publicly said that Bonang is not as smart as she thinks but rather manipulates her fans into doing the dirty work for her. Bonang is clearly set on teaching Gopane a lesson and has lawyered up for the action.

Gopane who has been as cool as a cucumber throughout Bonang’s responses still couldn’t be phased by Matheba’s threats, claiming that she can keep her good luck because he doesn’t need it. The YouTuber is convinced that B is mad that she took a shot and missed last year with her lawsuit and he is ready for her next move.

“The incomparable Bonang Matheba is still mad she took a shot and missed last year. Thanks but I don’t need your good luck. See you soon, mom.”


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