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Watch! Sizwe Dhlomo Shows Off His Super Huge Homestead

Watch! Sizwe Dhlomo Shows Off His Super Huge Homestead! Nobody flexes harder than Sizwe Dhlomo and we have no choice but to stan.

Sizwe loves to brag about his wealth on social media and rightfully so he calls it just how it is. From the cars he drives to his land, international trips, expenses cattle and horses, A list celebrity friends, it’s safe to say he’s living large.

Sizwe is however private about his lifestyle so much that he has not shared or showed off his luxuries on social media, he just tweets about most of them. But in a rare tweet a few days ago, Sizwe showed off his huge homestead in the form of a scaled model of his actual house.

“So a friend of mine made me a scaled model of my house and it’s actually amazing it’s so accurate… lovely,” Sizwe could be head saying in the background as he showed off his huge property. Watch below.


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