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Ha! Sizwe Dhlomo Fires Shots At A Twitter Troll

Ha! Sizwe Dhlomo Fires Shots At A Twitter Troll! Black twitter considers media personality Sizwe Dhlomo to be a ‘know it all’, whilst other celebs would take it as a compliment, Sizwe doesn’t like seem to think it is.

After Tbo Touch’s tweet about street beggars that had black twitter dragging him, one black twitter member tweeted that Tbo Touch was the same as Sizwe Dhlomo.

“Tbo Touch is no different from Sizwe Dhlomo, same WhatsApp group chart full of retards,” the troll tweeted to which Sizwe responded with a savage clap back.

“iretard unyoko (your mom is the retard),” Sizwe responded. Wowza remind us never to mess with him ever.

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