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Twitter Reacts To Norma Mngoma’s R5 Million Wedding To Malusi Gigaba Revelation

Twitter Reacts To Norma Mngoma‘s R5 Million Wedding To Malusi Gigaba Revelation. Norma Mngoma is spilling the beans on the lavish life that she once lived with her now estranged husband former minister of Home affairs Malusi Gigaba. Norma recently testified against her husband at the Zondo Commission where the skeletons of South Africa’s ministers and government officials were let out of the closet.

Mngoma is no stranger to ‘Le Good Life’ through her husbands shady dealings and the masses are still shook at just how much the flashy life really cost. Apart from many bombs that were dropped by Norma, she also revealed that the Gupta family funded Gigaba’s affluent lifestyle including fancy cars and expensive jewellery. Norma also revealed that she and her husband frequently received large sums of cash from the Gupta’s as a gift whilst also keeping large amounts of cash in their safe at home. According to Malusi, the money was money from Ajay Gupta to be used to fund government elections.

Apart from all the dirty laundry that was aired, the masses are still stuck on the revelation of their lavish traditional and white wedding ceremony that apparently cost a total of R5 million to be exact. The money was apparently paid in cash however, this was the usual procedure of their dealings which is why she didn’t find anything weird about the amount of monies being taken out.

“I didn’t find it strange [the amount] because Malusi has been a minister for a very, very long time and also he told me that he had savings with the money market that he saves money from. And most of the expenses we don’t pay for them because it’s paid by the state … so to have a lot of cash is not something that was strange to me” Norma said.

This resulted in Norma trending on Twitter for some of the claims she made during the trial. Tweeps were quick to point out how Norma was silent while married to Malusi and only found it imperative to tell the truth now that their marriage took a sour left turn. In Norma’s willingness to testify against  Malusi Gigaba the state has now dropped all  charges against her.

Here are some of the reactions to Norma’s trial from twitter.

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