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5 Interesting Things Norma Mngoma Said In Her Interview With ENCA

5 Interesting Things Norma Mngoma Said In Her Interview With ENCA

Norma Mngoma formerly known as Norma Gigaba has spilt with her husband Malusi Gigaba after their six year marriage. During her marriage to the controversial former minister of home affairs, Noma not only went through the most due to his philandering ways, but she also witnessed a lot of his dodgy activities.

Now that their marriage ended in tears, Norma is fighting back airing all of Gigaba’s dirty laundry for the public to see in her latest interview with ENCA. Although she had the whole of Mzansi glued to their screens, many people were against her for speaking up only after things went south.

Here are five interesting things that Norma said about Malusi Gigaba in her interview.

“What I did not like is that each and every time when he did something, when he writes a statement, he will say ‘my wife and I’ without coming to me.”

“They ( The Gupta’s) used to give him a lot of money but I don’t know what they were giving him money for but sometimes he used to say, ‘I do favours for them.”


“It was a lot of cash all the time but I don’t know what it was for but he would use that money for different things, maybe it’s either for his lifestyle, to build his home or to give it to his sisters because at that time his sister was at the credit bureau and she owed R850,000 and they just paid it like that.”

“He has a problem of porn addiction because he is always watching porn. And sometimes for him it is a fantasy with those people, and those people would catch feelings and then Malusi is gone.”

“That was not my video ( “Imagine this in your mouth”). Like, I don’t want to lie. I have never imagined something like that in my mouth … so it was not for me. So I do not know who it was meant for.”


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