Taraji P.Henson In Love With South African Food

Taraji P.Henson in love with South African food but then again who has tried it and didn’t like it? South African inspired cuisine is served at some of the best restaurants downtown Charlottesville has to offer and is popular world wide! The actress has been immersing herself into everything proudly South African. From the food to visiting Soweto and fashion, Taraji fits right in with the rest of us.


The ‘Empire’ actress was interviewed by Anele Mdoda on her drive show Wednesday afternoon revealing she had tried some proudly South African dishes when she visited the Orlando Towers.

“I love South African food because it’s flavourful, your taste buds dance, you just never know what combinations… very spicy. I love food that you can taste, I don’t like bland food,” she told Anele. More reason to love us some Taraji!


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