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Surprise! Sammy Sosa Is Now A Mom Of Two!

Surprise! Sammy Sosa Is Now A Mom Of Two! Local celebs have become masters of keeping their personal livesΒ  and no we ain’t mad at that especially when kids are involved.

Media personality Sammy Sosa recently shared her new joy on Instagram and nobody knew she was pregnant. Sosa introduced her new son sharing a beautiful message along with adorable photos.

“I thank God everyday for the abundance of blessings. As we enter a new chapter of our lives, may my beautiful boys grow up to be loving, respectful, humble, kind, noble, strong and supportive of one another. Family is everything. #SosaAndSons πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦,” she captioned one with both her sons.

Love the second time around!

Congrats to Sammy Sosa!


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