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Somizi Calls Out Critics For Pressuring Vusi Nova To Admit To Being Homosexual

Somizi Calls Out Critics For Pressuring Vusi Nova To Admit To Being Homosexual. Somizi isn’t one to let bullies get away with their cruel remarks, especially when they come for one of his own.

In a recent episode of Somizi’s cooking show, the media veteran mentioned that he and Vusi Nova who was a guest on the show, are “kissing buddies.” 

Somizi has since fired back at comments about Vusi Nova being too stubborn to admit that he is gay because he is afraid of coming out, claiming that people have an obsession with sexuality on social media and he is sick and tired of it. 

“what’s the obsession with other ppls sexuality…its as if the answers will improve a certain aspect of yo life….or as if it makes one feel better about themselves if they out someone else” Somizi said.

Another follower stated that’s others live vicariously through those who found the courage to come out, making them also want to come out of the closet themselves.

Somgaga disputed that and simply said people should be comfortable in their own skin otherwise they should just deal with their own homophobia. 

“…how many people should come out for people to be comfortable with themselves and why should it take that for them to reach that point…do u think if more black people owned land and the world would mean racism will end …nope…I just think people must deal with their homophobia,” he wrote.

By Sinakho Mandla

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