SA Celebrities Who Bought New Cribs In 2020

SA Celebrities Who Bought New Cribs In 2020

Although 2020 has been a rather hectic year for many due to the pandemic, that didn’t stop some of our fave celebs from achieving their goals. We’ve seen a few famous faces buy themselves a new crib this year and this is a small list of those celebs who deserve a pat on the back for doing the most.

Yanga Sobetwa

Singer Yanga Sobetwa bought a brand new home for her family earlier in the year.


Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi has a few properties however, the actress added yet another massive home with a beautiful back yard and is situated in Johannesburg.

Bohang Moeko

Isono actor Bohang Moeko celebrated copping his new home and shared a photo of his new crib on social media.

Faith Nketsi

Faith Nketsi recently bought the house next door to hers and will soon renovate to create the perfect family home for her mother.

Noxolo Mathula

Uzalo actress Noxolo Mathula bought a family home valued at R1.8 million for her family.

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