ProVerb Still Alive And Kicking It In The Hip Hop Scene…

I don’t know how he does it between presenting for Idols and still being able to work on his 5th album and release it!  ProVerb finally cut the suspense and gave us the title of his upcoming album. The Hip Hop scene looks very promising this year I must.

ProVerb tweeted his album name for us on Tuesday so the maybe’s can stop and we can be certain of him releasing his album soon.

Proverb Album

So yes even if you thought all ProVerb was doing now is presenting for Idols, you thought wrong.

Over the weekend Proverb had announced that the 16 track album has been completed and ready to package, and now he gives us the name of the album. So sooner than later you should be looking for The Read Tape on your shelves ladies and gents.

We’ve been waiting since 2012 after all so this is a little promising!!

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