Wife Almost Shoots Husband Dead After He Surprises Her With Breakfast!


It’s one thing to surprise someone and they scream, it’s another when you try surprise them and they shoot you in the chest! Tiffany Zegule, 27, shot her husband, Zia Zegule, 28, on Friday at around 10am. Zia had left for work at Fort Bragg but snuck back inside to serve his wife some breakfast in bed.

MailOnLine reports that according to police in Fayetteville, Zia Zegule, left for the military base as usual at around 8am but later snuck back into the house to make his wife some breakfast.

We guess Zia forgot about the Home security systems in his house and him sneaking back in tripped the burglar alarm and when he approached the bedroom door, he was shot through the closed door at around 10am by wife Tiffany, who had gone back to sleep after he left.

Police said that Zia came home through the front door but it is not clear whether he announced himself before he was shot by his wife.

Realising what had happened, Tiffany Segule called 911 and when paramedics arrived her husband was talking and described as responsive in the ambulance thankfully.

Zia is currently stable and will be released from the hospital soon. Police believe that Tiffany’s reaction to the alarm may have been triggered by the fact that they have been so many break-ins in their neighborhood recently.

Ohk so the next time you want to surprise her with breakfast…uh let her know first? damn…

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