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Pics! Nonhle Thema Remembers Her Late Father

Pics! Nonhle Thema Remembers Her Late Father. Losing a parent is one of the hardest things anyone can ever go through and no matter how long ago it was, the pain never heals entirely. Actress and TV personality Nonhle Thema has been missing her father legendary journalist Derrick Thema who was recently laid to rest Thursday January 6th in Meadowlands, Soweto with close family and friends.

Thema died at the age of 74 on December 31 and was described as an exciting scribe who had an upbeat township swag to him. 

Taking to Instagram, Nonhle paid tribute to her father by sharing throwback photos with a heartfelt message about how much she misses him and how his spirit will forever live on inside of her. Thema who was clearly very close to her father has been pouring her heart out on Instagram about how her life has been disrupted by her fathers passing, and we hope that she will find the strength to one day smile again.

“I Love You DAD ❤️🥲🥲🥲so sorry ….wish I cud reverse time. I’m now watching over you,I can’t sleep you on my mind I want you to be safe” she wrote.

During his memorial service, Nonhle couldn’t hold back the tears sharing that her father was the best parent to his children and was always present in their lives. Thema shared that her father would always come through for her with whatever she needed and always wanted the best for her and her siblings. Nonhle continued to share how her father was a brilliant man and a pioneer for many. She added how much she looks up to him and vowed to continue his legacy.

He wanted the best for us and his children and he was always present in our lives. I don’t remember ever needing something that he wasn’t able to provide. I’ll forever be grateful to him.” Nonhle said.

Thema‘s friends and followers flooded the post with messages of condolences and wished her and the family all the strength as they mourn the great loss.

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