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Musa Mseleku Explains How He Manages To Satisfy His 4 Wives In The Bedroom

Musa Mseleku Explains How He Manages To Satisfy His 4 Wives In The Bedroom! The businessman turned reality star of Uthando Nesthembu has been trying to convince his four wives about getting the fifth wife but can he handle the four he already have?

In a recent candid interview, the 44 year old polygamist said he uses prayer as a weapon to give his wives sexual pleasure. “God gives me strength as I go to bed. I believe when God created me he had all these plans in mind, so the strength to sexually satisfy my wives comes from Him,” he said.

Musa also made it clear he is still looking for wife number five but it won’t be someone young because of the complexities that comes with polygamy.

“I want someone who will be open-minded and understand that she might be accepted or not accepted by the other wives. I want someone who will not make it so difficult for me, but who will ease the burden. Wife number five must be someone who is accommodative around circumstances. I obviously would not allow a person to be abused because she is new, but I would want a person who is open-minded,” he explained.

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