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Minnie Dlamini Jones Shares How She Got Her Husband Annoyed In Lockdown

Minnie Dlamini Jones Shares How She Got Her Husband Annoyed In Lockdown. The lovely Mrs Jones has shared how inseparable she is with her husband Quinton as a result, whenever he leaves, Minnie can’t wait until he returns so she can smother him with more love and affection.

Dlamini took to twitter to express the anxiety she gets once her husband Quinton is away and although she had some good company to pass the time, she still somehow felt incomplete.

Now that her love has returned, Minnie has been following him around like his tail which has him very irritated but he might just have to suck it up because Minnie isn’t about to let up.

“Yoh this lockdown has given me some serious separation anxiety…Hubby was away for 3days, and although I had some great company I felt like I was missing a limb..So glad he’s back..So now I’m following him around everywhere. He’s SOOO ANNOYED” Minnie wrote.

The lockdown has forced people to spend more time together and this has clearly made Minnie develop some serious separation anxiety which acts up every time she is away from her hubby.

By Sinakho Mandla

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