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“Mi Casa Used Me”…Says Vocalist Yaya Onfire

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Truth be told some days we forget that a house song goes beyond just the beats, you need vocalists to sing the words for you and some days we don’t even know who the vocalist is we just give all the praise to the guy in charge of the beats.

Well lately vocalists have been recognised more than what we used to. We have talented muso’s such as Monique Bingham, Mpumi and even Bucie who have went on to having their own careers outside of just being vocalists.

Something new, it turns out that J Something doesn’t do all the singing in the Mi Casa songs, you knew that right?

Apparently the All The Glory (Sunday Morning) song had a backing vocalist that Mi Casa didn’t give credit to. The name of the vocalist doesn’t even appear on the album anywhere, not even in  the special thanks section.

I mean that song is pretty big right?

A vocalist called Yaya took to her blog “Tag A Vocalist” to talk about how they sang in the Mi Casa song but never got credit whatsoever for the work they did on the song.

Yaya OnFire addressed her letter to fellow vocalist Mpumi  she starts off her letter by saying

“Being a vocalist is a bit of a messed up situation isn’t it? How did we even choose this craft?”

Yaya continues by saying….

“I have an experience with Mi Casa. You’re lucky Heavy K put you on the video and gave you credit. I don’t know if you know a song called All The Glory. I recorded that hook. I was in studio with J Something and Mishka and I put my voice on the song. 6 months later MiCasa released their debut album and the song featured. Track 7. My name doesn’t appear. My publishing company is nowhere to be seen on the album credits and I don’t even get a special thanks from the band. To make matters worse, they won’t acknowledge that I’m on the song, to the point where they said on radio “We had a choir in studio”. On Euphonik’s show. I remember and it still breaks my heart.”

Damn imagine being so excited to be a part of something so huge and not being credited?

“I’ve been told “Oh but Yaya, all you did on that song was sing ‘ALL THE GLORY!’ a couple of times.” Yes! I did!!! That small role carries that huge song. People hardly know the lyrics to it. All they hear is “ALL THE GLORY!” So yes, it is a small role – a small significant role that helped J-Something’s vision come to life! In this situation I feel emotionally abused as a session vocalist, also because I wasn’t paid for that gig, I was doing a favour for my homies. Lol. So stupid. And the way I used to support MiCasa.”

We wonder what Mi Casa had to say about this. When they said the industry is tough I didn’t think that they were talking about this. Use your voice, become rich and then claim that a choir was used on the song? WOW!

To read the rest of Yaya’s story click here!

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