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Mariah Carey Wants Table Mountain To Turn Purple

Talk about living up to your status! Mariah Carey wants Table Mountain to turn purple when she performs in Cape Town today. Mariah who is known for crazy demands when she’s touring is living up to her diva title after she demanded Table Mountain’s lights be switched on and shine purple during her performance.

2015 Billboard Music Awards Arrivals at MGM Grand Garden Arena Las Vegas Featuring: Mariah Carey Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States When: 17 May 2015 Credit: Judy Eddy/WENN.com

Reports say there are currently negotiations underway with the City of Cape Town to make it happen. For once we have a feeling it might not be for herself, Mariah could be doing it to pay tribute to Prince who died a few days ago.

According to a report by The Mercury, Table Mountain’s floodlights can be turned on in cases where the cause is of “particular cultural, historical or traditional significance for the people of Cape Town or South Africa”.

It also says all requests must be filed twenty working days in advance and Mariah only arrived in Cape Town Monday afternoon. That doesn’t end Mariah’s list of demands, the diva reportedly wants coconut water from a specific region, which she apparently did not specify before she arrived.

What a diva!

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