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MacG Reads Anonymous Email Detailing How AKA Was Allegedly Abusing Nellie Thembe: Black Twitter Reacts

MacG Reads Anonymous Email Detailing How AKA Was Allegedly Abusing Nellie Thembe: Black Twitter Reacts. Since the death OF AKA’s fiancé Anele “Nellie” Thembe, the tea has been spilling by the minute. Just last week, photo’s of AKA breaking down a door to get to Nellie as well as video’s of the late rapper’s fiancé in tears, claiming that nobody know’s what the rapper has been doing to her.

This is not where the tea stops as Nellie’s loved ones are speaking up, claiming that the rapper has been allegedly abusing her emotionally, which is allegedly what triggered her to finally take her life. A video of MacG on his latest podcast episode read an email form one of Thembe‘s cousin’s who detailed the extent of emotional and drug abuse that the rapper has subjected Anele to.

According to the source who required to stay anonymous, Nellie has been bullied and cheated on by the rapper numerous times. According to the source, Nellie has been suicidal since finding out about the rapper’s infidelity. According to the email, messages and sexual images between the rapper and rapper Da L.E.S’ girlfriend and baby mama Aurea Alexander. It not only ends there as the rapper allegedly sent Aurea R20K to buy her silence when she threatened to reveal their entanglement.

Apparently Nellie forwarded the messages to Da L.E.S, resulting in a fallout between the two rapper’s and AKA has allegedly been blaming Nellie for the fallout. The rapper also allegedly introduced his late fiancé to cocaine, of which she used to take along with the rapper’s friends. This has lead the family to believe that had his own agenda by marrying into the family, and the masses are shook. The source revealed the alleged truth to make sure that Anele’s story is told correctly and not altered to protect the rapper and his alleged abusive traits.

Watch the clip below

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