Khabonina Steams Up The Internet With More Sexy Lingerie Pics!

When it comes to sharing saucy pics on the internet, celebrities take the cup!

khabo racy

You get some showing off their summer bodies, but that’s ok right? Cause it’s just a costume and whatever.

Minnie Dlamini almost broke the internet not so long ago with an image of her booobies and waist trainer, then about a week ago Khanyi Mbau showed off her more than summer ready body, now it looks like someone else might be stepping up to the challenge.

We’ve always known Khabo for her flexible ways but it looks like she wants to join the group of ladies that break the internet with saucy pics, we won’t say much just check out the lace below:

Lace Things…

Because she wants to … And she can !!!!

A photo posted by KHABONINA (@khabonina_fitness) on

So HOT!…



A photo posted by KHABONINA (@khabonina_fitness) on

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