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Kgomotso Christopher On People Making Her Seem Older Than She Really is

Kgomotso Christopher On People Making Her Seem Older Than She Really is. Age is a very tricky thing, especially for women. We think we can all agree that there’s nothing more offensive to a women than guessing a number that is significantly higher than her actual age. Actress and TV personality Kgomotso Christopher addressed the people of twitter who make her seem older than she is.

When it comes to celebs with age defying looks Kgomotso Christopher is right at the top of the list with the likes of Connie Ferguson, Thembi Seete, Terry Pheto and many more. We can all agree that Kgomotso doesn’t look a day older than 30 years old, but some people like to take things overboard on social media.

A few weeks ago, the actress responded to a social media user who had everyone thinking that Christopher was 56 years old, and referred to her as stainless steel.

After catching wind of the tweet, the actress decided to have some fun with it by going along with the joke. The 42 year old actress then set matters straight with regards to her age, dismissing the rumour and pointing out that there are a lot of clowns on Twitter. She said that the person who shared the tweet likes to trend as this is not the first time he posted such about someone else’s age.

“She’s definitely 56 turning 57 in a few months. No man, we tweet amongst clowns…I think the little man who came up with this age tweet likes to trend. He did the same recently with someone else.” she wrote.

It appears that the joke still continues after the actress addressed those who make her feel older than she is by calling her “Di mamzo or Mama. We can all agree that there is a problem when people who are close to her age refer to her as mother and as funny as it is, she is not with it.

Addressing the issue once again, KG took to twitter to share how against she is when people call her Mamzo unless they are the same age as her children who are both teenagers. Unless you are an actual child compared to her, she would appreciate it if people would address her using her name or Ausi KG if you feel the need for a nickname.

“Eish how to say this…please don’t call me di Mamzo or Mama unless your OWN mom is my age or you are my kids’ age…ie 12&14. Tu…le seke lantsofatsa. Kgomotso e sharp or Ausi Kg…if anything at all” she wrote.

And thats on Period!!

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