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ICYMI: Songbird Bucie Lies About Owning Multi-million Rand House!

A number of local celebrities are always caught up in these ‘big’ really unnecessary lies.

It first happened with DJ Sbu that was featured on Top Billing with a house that he claimed he owned but it was later discovered that the personality is actually only renting the home.

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Next to follow the little lie train, was rapper Cassper Nyovest who last year claimed that he owned the home that his parents lived in. It later came out that his parents have actually owned the home for several years and at that time the rapper had no property in his name.

Well it seems that Bucie also decided to follow suit and lied about owning a multi-million rand home that was featured on What’s For Dinner when the songstress had a cooking session with host J’Something.

A source revealed to Daily Sun that the Bryanston home that Bucie claimed to be hers actually belongs to a friend of hers businesswoman Anna Tang-Allman’s:

“Bucie pretended to be the owner of Anna Tang-Allman’s home, a businesswoman who doubles as a musician. We were all shocked when we found out she actually misled the public about owning that house. You can ask Anna about that and she won’t have a problem responding.”

When Anna was approached by the paper for comment, she confirmed that she was indeed the owner of the home.

“What’s For Dinner’s last episode was done at my house with Bucie. The show was for Bucie and J’Something. I was just providing my house for them to use. She said it’s her house just for entertainment. So let’s keep this secret, please. Don’t put it in your newspaper,” said Anna and laughed it off.

Doesn’t this remind you of J’Something’s show Rich Kids a little? Uhmmm…

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