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Brickz Denies Stealing A Speedpoint Machine From Petrol Station

Yho guys can we give Brickz a break though?

The rapper has laughed off claims that say he speed off from a Durban Petrol Station with their speedpoint card machine.

According to Sunday Sun, Brickz is wanted by a security company after he stole the machine earlier this month.

brickz mabricgado

The company, JBC Security, told the paper that they have CCTV footage of Brickz speeding off with the machine and failing to pay for his tank of petrol.

Brickz has denied all claims and insists that he was actually a passenger in the vehicle when the other people in the car decided to drive off with the machine.

Well the company is sticking to their story and have sent Brickz a letter demanding that he courier the machine back to them or they will be taking legal action.

The rapper then took to Twitter to laugh at the claims once again and says if they really have footage of him speeding off with the machine, why not share it with the media? Uhmmm….

Come On…

brickz 1

Show It To Us…

brickz 2


brickz 3

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