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Here’s How Chi Mhende Is Making A Return To Generations The Legacy

Here’s How Chi Mhende Is Making A Return To Generations The Legacy. Former Generation The Legacy actress Chi Mhende is making a come back to the world of television, but this time she is playing a totally different role.

It was revealed that Mhende is making a comeback on the Soapie and will be making her behind the scenes debut as an assistant director, expressing her gratitude for the recognition in the industry especially in a male dominated field on social media.

“Thank you Sire” Chi wrote

The actress’s character was recently written off  the story line on the show, with rumors alleging that she was axed after fans complained that her character started becoming irrelevant to the story.

Speaking to Move Magazine, Generations The Legacy Publicist Garaatwe Mokheti refuted the claims, stating that Mhende’s departure was amicable and both parties still maintain a good working relationship

“Her exit is very much amicable and peaceful, “She is a phenomenal actress and she will certainly soar in whatever she chooses to pursue” she said.

Mhende is now a trainee director on the SABC1 soapie, Generations The Legacy and her first directorial training debut episode aired last night.


By Sinakho Mandla

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