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Did Boity Throw Shade At Former BFF Khanya’s New Romance With Rapper J Molley?

Did Boity Throw Shade At Former BFF Khanya’s New Romance With Rapper J Molley? Former best friends Boity and Khanya have not been in good terms with each other since it was rumored that Khanya liked Boity’s ex boyfriend Stanley Obiamalu whilst he was still pursuing Boity.

It seems Boity has not been a fan of Khanya‘s choice of men ever since. Khanya Mkangisa had tongues wagging or twitter fingers rather going crazy after posting photos and videos of herself with rapper J Molley on Instagram stories. The photos looked intimate enough on what looked like a date night for social media to speculate possible romance.

Social media can’t seem to reconcile the fact that Khanya is 31 years old and J Molley is 21. The rapper’s ex girlfriend Shamiso, put out a tweet over the weekend about moving on saying, “Feels so good not having certain people in your life anymore and then all of a sudden things start making sense, everything’s healthier and nicer, things are moving and growing, you might even gain a little healthy weight. That’s that sh*t.”

Boity retweeted Shamiso’s tweet with a reaction simply put, “Speak on it!!” Black twitter is convinced this was about J Molley and Khanya’s new romance. Are you here for Khanya dating the much younger rapper and do you think Boity threw a whole tree of shade towards her ex BFF?

Meanwhile Khanya is unbothered on Instagram showing everyone the middle finger after finding out she was trending on twitter.

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