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Could This Be Cassper’s Reaction To Twitter Calling AKA ‘Arrogant’?

Could This Be Cassper’s Reaction To Twitter Calling AKA ‘Arrogant’?! AKA and Cassper stay shading each other on social media it’s become hard to tell when  they are not.

AKA recently took to twitter questioning whether him being colored is the reason why he supposedly receives a lot o negativity.

Do you think a lot of the negativity towards me is because I’m a coloured person? I wonder sometimes.— AKA (@akaworldwide) December 18, 2018

In response, majority of the tweeps told the rapper that it had nothing to do with his race but his attitude and how is not a nice person.

Nothing to do with you race/culture, your AKA persona is not likeable. Just not a nice person. https://t.co/4jQ8xpFqci— Sanele (@Sanele_so) December 18, 2018

Not at all Mega. You’re just super rude, super arrogant also, super successful. If you add those together, you’re bound to be disliked/draw negativity— Phumz Vilakazi (@PhumzVilakazi) December 18, 2018

Fast forward to this morning, Cassper tweeted a “random” thought about being nice. “Being a good person is not overrated,” Cassper tweeted.

Being a good person is not overrated. ❤️— R.M Phoolo (@CassperNyovest) December 19, 2018

Shady much?!

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