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Bump Up The Volume – DJ Zinhle leads the way in pregnancy style

DJ, influencer and owner of wig emporium, Hair Majesty, DJ Zinhle has announced her new pregnancy with the glamorous style that her fans and followers expect from her.  In an announcement this month, DJ Zinhle shared the happy news in a post which read, “Thank you for celebrating with me and @murdahbongz”.  

This is the second pregnancy for the star, whose daughter, Kairo Owethu Forbes

Is clearly following in her mother’s fashionable footsteps. 

Throughout both pregnancies, DJ Zinhle has shown effortless style and glamour with, we suspect, the help of a talented salon stylist. 

Bad hair days

Pregnancy can be a magical time – but it can also play havoc with the hair and skin.  Increases and changes in hormones can make hair grow faster and can also change the texture of the hair.  On top of this, many pregnant women find that they’re unable to use their usual hair colour as some of these products contain chemicals and toxins which, in some cases, can be absorbed into the skin and potentially harm the fetus. 

Because of these things, it’s recommended that mums to be who are hoping for a pregnancy as stylish as DJ Zinhle’s, head to a salon which specialises pregnancy.  Thankfully, finding such salons just got a lot easier with the Booksy app. 

Booksy is blooming marvellous

The Booksy app allows customers to find salons in their local area and to book and manage their own appointments quickly and easily, 24 hours a day – with no need to make a phone call.  The app makes it super simple to find a salon which matches your requirements and, Booksy also has some pretty great benefits for salon owners too, such as: 

Salon management – Booksy’s bag of tricks for business allows salon owners to make the most of the time and space that they have available, while helping to maintain social distancing.  Using the power of AI, the software is able to intelligently manage appointments based on data such as previous customer visits. 

Paying for itself – Booksy allows salon owners to take payments and prepayments through the app, as well as implementing cancellation fees in order to insure against no-shows. 

Market value – Salon owners can maximise their time by taking advantage of Booksy’s marketing tools; leaving them free to focus on their customers. 

You’ve been pinged – Booksy is able to send notifications and reminders to customers to help cut down on missed appointments. 

Employee management – The software can help salon owners to effectively manage their teams, therefore cutting down on wasted wages.


As more and more pregnant women seek to look their best during this exciting time, salon owners can become more visible and, more effectively manage their salons by getting onboard with Booksy

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