B*tch Stole My Look! Shudu Vs Zozi: Who Worse It Best?

B*tch Stole My Look! Shudu Vs Zozi: Who Worse It Best? We look up to celebrities for fashion inspiration which is why it’s no surprise that they sometimes have an occasional twinning moment because as they say, great minds think alike. For today’s B*tch Stole My look, we have two Gorgeous Miss South Africa winners who are well known in the industry as powerhouse women and being certified fashion killers.

One thing we love about our celebs on social media is the constant fiery serves they keep blessing us with on the daily. Celebs and influencers have made fashion a more approachable topic because they are the ones that most look up to for outfit inspiration.

Miss South Africa Shudufhadzo Musida has also proven to be quite the fashionista and the Venda beauty always manages to tick all the right boxes with all of her memorable looks. Our favourite Miss Universe is the queen when it comes to serving looks and she can do no wrong especially when it comes to a swimsuit.

The ladies had an ‘Oh snap’ moment recently on social media where we spotted the beauties rocking the same orange bikini while chilling poolside, and they of course added their own flavour. As hard as it is and as much as we love these ladies, we have to ask who wore it best?



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