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Brickz Offers A R5 000 Reward For Any Information Regarding A House Break-In At His Home!

The crime drama that surrounds musician, Brickz is really out of hand at times.

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The rapper took to social media earlier this morning to off an R5 000.00 reward for anyone who may have information regarding a house break-in that took place at his house situated in Soweto, Zola.

This comes after Brickz himself was accused of theft at a Durban petrol station. A couple of weeks ago it was reported that the rapper stole a speed point pay machine from a petrol station in Durban with a couple of his drunk buddies.

Brickz apparently later returned the machine and no legal action was taken.

Well, we really feel bad that items were stolen from his home, theft is such a huge problem in the country. If you have any information regarding the break-in, Tweet Brickz to get your R5 000.00 reward.

In circumstances such as this, insurance for your property and the contents of your home is extremely important. Anything that was taken could have had a significant monetary value that can not be replaced. Having home insurance can cover this and also help people with repairs to their homes if anything was broken during break-ins, such as a door or a window when the thieves gained access to the home. You can get started now, by looking at and comparing various insurance policies that can help you with protecting your home fully and giving you that relief of knowing that you are covered. Hopefully, Brickz has his own insurance for the items that were stolen during this break-in, and if not, let’s hope he will take out a policy as soon as possible.

He might also want to consider getting some quality CCTV cameras installed in his house after this event to prevent something similar from happening again. If only he’d have installed some cameras before this event, he might have been able to see who entered his house and stole some of his items. It’s likely that Brickz will consider enhancing the security in and around his home soon to keep himself safe.


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