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Brenda Mhlongo Lives In Fear Because Of Scammers

Brenda Mhlongo Lives In Fear Because Of Scammers. Brenda Mhlongo is the latest celebrity to fall victim to social media scammers after hackers used her pictures and a her Facebook account to trick people in to a false money scheme.

Taking to Facebook, Mhlongo revealed that she had an unknown visitor arrive on set who told security guards he’d been communicating with her via social media and they had an arrangement to meet however, she had no idea who he was.

According to the former Generations: The Legacy actress, the scammers apparently used the account to fool people into thinking that the actress was a Forex Trader and she could assist with investment dealings and money.

“Apparently the scammer told this guy I’m a forex trader and he had money to invest for him. Fortunately, the guard had the guy’s phone. He showed me the messages. I asked the guard to tell him he was being scammed and went back to my work. I am hurt.” she wrote.

Many other local celebrities including Pearl Modiadie, Sindi Dlathu and more have shared how scammers and hackers have successfully taken over their account to receive money or promote false content and competitions, resulting in them losing followers or having to start a brand new social media account.

By Sinakho Mandla


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