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Bonang Keeps Her Promise To A Fan, Buys Him A R7.7k Gift

Bonang Keeps Her Promise To A Fan, Buys Him A R7.7k Gift! We love celebs who deliver on their promises and queen Bis one of them. Fans are using retweets to get their favorite celeb’s attention and ask for help, from fees assistance to text books money and sometimes asking for fun gifts like an XBox.

One fan asked Bonang a few months ago to buy her an XBox One X if he gets a certain amount of retweets. Well, the fan did and Bonang did buy the gift which costs just over seven thousand rands.

“I still can’t believe it thank you very much. Thank you, may the Lord bless you… Xbox one X delivered today. Thank you very much. Have more life Queen, I don’t know how to thank you enough,” the excited fan shared on twitter after receiving the gift.

Whilst Bonang is evidently  generous queen, not everyday is giveaway day. One fan learnt this the hard way.

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