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Black Twitter Reacts To Tshepi Vundla Deactivating Her Twitter Account Following Viral Interview Clip

Black Twitter Reacts To Tshepi Vundla Deactivating Her Twitter Account Following Viral Interview Clip. We’ve seen many celebes get dragged on social media for their unpopular opinions and Tshepi Vundla has just felt the wrath of social media users following her comments over women in relationships with no financial stability. The mother of one been under a lot of scrutiny since the viral clip of herself and sister Mawe speaking about financial independence in a relationship. The circulating clip saw Tshepi judge women who enter relationship but can not provide for themselves and bring nothing to the table.

Tshepi critisized women who demand things from men that they can’t afford. pointing out that it is nobody’s responsibility but your own to satisfy your financial desires. Tshepi questioned the entitlement of some women by why they can’t buy it themselves or ask their parents to take care of these ridiculous wants. The confusion came after a comment made by the host Tshepi Mabs about SBWLing KFC. The ladies joked about not being able to afford a meal that cost less than fifty Rands but having the audacity of demanding out of this world things from a partner.

From all four ladies who were seen in the clip, it seems like social media has decided to solely come for Tshepi over the comments that were made and she has been trending for over 24 hours. Social media users have since been dragging her for her statements, claiming that she is a spoilt brat speaking from a place of privilege.

Social media users have since been digging up dirt on Vundla and it seems like her old tweets have comeback to haunt her. Like every celebrities worst nightmare, Tshepi has been made to relive her tweets from a few years ago and things are not looking very good for her.

Tshepi’s tweets from 2013 where she speaks of being to fond of fat people and seemingly fat shaming them on social media. The rapper’s girlfriend has since caught a lot of smoke that has influenced her decision to deactivate her twitter account. tweep have reacted to Tshepi deactivating her account claiming that her problems on social media are far from over.

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