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Watch! Thembisa Nxumalo Celebrates Her Wedding Anniversary

Watch! Thembisa Nxumalo Celebrates Her Wedding Anniversary. Thembisa Mdoda has been very private about her love life since her public split from former lover Athandwa Kani. Ever since then, the actress has made sure to keep her relationship a secret and even managed to tie the knot privately away from the media. The actress still maintains her privacy especially when it comes to her husband however, she has recently started opening up a little bit about her marriage on social media.

Taking to social media, Thembisa celebrated her wedding anniversary with a snippet of herself spending time with her hubby. Of course the actress was cautious of how she did it as she refrained from revealing his face. The mother of three captioned the video forever Nxumalo and wished her hubby a happy anniversary. The pair seemed to be walking into an establishment, so we hope that we will be seeing anniversary content from the actress in due time.

Thembisa has previously opened up about the kind of support system that her husband is sharing how blessed she is to have landed a supportive partner like him.

The actress recently had a near death experience when she was diagnosed with COVID-19. Thembisa was admitted into hospital and spent well over a month in and out of hospital. Even though she was scared throughout the experience, Nxumalo credits her husband for giving her the fighting spirit to make a full recovery.

Thembisa revealed that her husband was by her side throughout the battle, whom she described as an incredible human. In a lengthy appreciation post the actress gushed over the sacrifices that her husband made regardless of his busy schedule. Not being able to see her children was the worst thing to ever happen for her but her husband’s presence is what kept her going.

A constant reminder of the incredible human I married. Right there by my side everyday, when I was in hospital. Regardless of all the 1000002 things he had to. I can’t begin to explain what it was like not being able to see my babies but seeing his face kept me going?. With a constant smile, a joke here and there, videos of the kids and constantly reminding me that everything will be okay❤️?. You are not only the love of my life but my peace too” she wrote.


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